Communing with the tigers at Thrigby Hall

A hectic half term with Felix doing his first solo trip to London and our first B&B guests. On Wednesday it was beautifully sunny so we headed east towards Yarmouth to visit Thrigby Hall wildlife gardens.

This is a delightful place, small in scale so it’s easy to do in an afternoon. Wonderful collection of big cats, including an elevated walk across the tiger enclosure so you look down on them – just like when John and I spent the day in a hide up a tall sal tree in Corbett National park in India, perched precariously above a water hole visited by wild tigers and elephants.

Thrigby Hall, Norfolk

It’s a thrilling way to view them. Most of the walkways are open, with caging only where the tiger comes up to sit on a platform. I love this photo of Jess – looks like she’s in the cage and the tiger has come to see her!

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