Pub outings just aren’t the same these days

Robin Hood pub outing to Great Yarmouth

I’ve just been sent this photo from the Walsingham History Society. Looks like an outing to Great Yarmouth from the Robin Hood Inn, late ‘40s or early ‘50s maybe?

I’m loving the smiles and eager expectation of a joyous day, and the evident care taken to be sure they look their very best. Gentler times with simpler pleasures. Looking at this, I’d be happy to join them.

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  1. Rebecca Woodbine-Cusdin says:

    I and my mother Dot Woodbine have many photo’s of the Robin Hood from these idyllic days. My Grandmother and Grandfather Fred and Letty Woodbine had the pub with their son Neville, met and married my mother Dorothy Bunn. My sister and Jenny were born here. We returned in 1967 and my father became the landlord. We had some of the most happy memorable times with music, laughter and fun. I played in the group Footapper, with my dad, Neville, Uncle, John and Marcus. The interesting thing is the buses that took these customers on their trips and in the background were owned by my Grandfather Jimmy Bunn, I think the garage is now call Richealdis House. Good to see those photo’s are still around with the locals. Robin Hood Cottage looks amazing.

    • Alan Frew says:

      I too remember some great nights in the pub, especially Neville’s rendition of “Ghost Riders in the Sky”. I was serving in the RAF in the 70’s and went out with Jenny for a few months. I have many happy memories staying over in the pub on a Saturday night, Dot’s superb breakfasts and discussing sugar beet with the locals. I even recall trying to carry out Galileo’s Incline plane experiment in the main bar as part of my OU Science Foundation course. Days and people never to be forgotten.

  2. Rebecca Woodbine-Cusdin says:

    Letty Woodbine is in the middle of this photo at the front.

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